Join our native retail ecosystem

Reach consumers when and where they are ready to shop – their new home – allowing them to experience your brand in a completely new, authentic, and engaging way.

Why work with us?

Open houses are the new showrooms

Create truly authentic and intimate retail experiences by placing your brand directly in beautiful properties on the market. Potential buyers can see your products in native spaces and start a relationship with your brand through in-room signage and clear calls to action.

Unlock a fresh audience ready to spend

Every home staged has access to hundreds of potential buyers that get to see your products in person and an audience of thousands online.

Premium editorial content

By partnering with Guest House, you’ll receive professional images of your products styled in our homes for your own marketing and promotional use. Our photographers will include various editorial angles and shots of your pieces in the best light.


Once approved, we will send over a handbook with instructions on how to sign up on our platform. There you can add all your products which will go into a feed where our designers choose inventory for their staging project. If a designer reserves one of your pieces, you will get notified. You and the designer can then coordinate where/when you can drop your piece off. When your product is used, you can see the professional photos of them within a few business days on your account. These photos are for you to use for your social media, website, and marketing purposes.

Because real estate is always unpredictable, we cannot estimate how long a house will be on the market. Sometimes it is only one week, and sometimes a house may stay on the market for many months. When the house sells that your product is currently in, we will deinstall it with our movers and bring everything back to the warehouse. Your product will be added into rotation in our inventory to reuse in another home if you do not request it back. The more homes it's in, the more diverse photos you will see of it.

While your piece will live staged in the home and will be seen by anyone touring the home, we also list your piece on our website and market everything staged inside the home online and in our newsletters.

You get 70%, and Guest House takes a 30% commission fee off the sale of the piece, only if it sells. Please note, while we love to give makers a showroom and content, Guest House cannot guarantee sales of maker goods.

We house all items not being staged in our secure warehouse. Guest House storage can be very beneficial to artists with large pieces - we are happy to keep your art held safely until you're able to pick it up. We handle all of the moving and hanging of the piece, and you are welcome to request it back at any time. We require at least 2 weeks of notice due to commitments to our clients and logistics around entering on-market homes.

If your piece is currently in a home, you must give us at least 2 weeks notice to retrieve the item, as it takes time to find a replacement and coordinate with realtors. If your piece is currently in our warehouse, we have two scheduled Maker Pickup Days a month, typically around the 15th and 30th. If you sell pieces through your own business at a constant rate, this may not be ideal for you because we cannot promise expedited maker returns and need at least two weeks.

We take the utmost precaution while handling your work, and know that you have put time, effort, and love into your products. However, with items being moved so often, it is possible that there will be some wear and tear. If there is any noticeable damage to an item, Guest House will cover the cost of repair.