Nude Bars

Nude Bars


This abstract, geometric composition in bronzy yellows, earthtones, blues and pinks is tied together by the nude bars running across the canvas. It's an experience of many strata of color with a lot of visceral texture. The painting can also be oriented horizontally.


48” x 36”


Acrylic on Canvas


Denver, CO

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About the Maker

Alyson Khan is a Denver-based artist inspired and influenced by visual opposites: the clean lines of mid-century design and rough tribal art, Art Deco elements and raw and primitive gestural marks. Also in the mix is an attraction to two-dimensional icons and occult symbols, rustic chapels, and altars. She works to piece together a satisfying union of these visual influences that makes sense and feels calm. In process, she also conducts deep investigations into color and exploring its dynamic power to affect the emotions and the role it plays in constructing narrative.