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Feel comfortable furnishing your home.

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In 2016, we opened a store in our own house in Denver, CO. We swapped everything we owned for products from local makers we loved and realized something – it's easier to buy furniture & goods when you can see them in a real home. 

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We're creating  shoppable homes

Today, Guest House works with real estate companies like Slate to create pop-up stores inside beautiful homes with products from local makers. 

 The Four Seasons Apartment featuring pieces by Housefish, New Collar Goods and Taryn Slawson.
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The highest quality furniture & goods


Everything we sell is built by real people with natural, quality materials right here in Colorado and across the US. It's craftsmanship you can't find anywhere else. 


Supporting the Colorado maker

We're passionate about helping people furnish their homes with products made in their community. So we work hard to find and curate the very best local makers. Building something?