Offset End Table

Offset End Table


Black walnut end table. Also available in Cherry, Maple, Oak or White Ash.


20”h x 17”l x 16”w


Made in Denver, CO

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About the Maker

Kevin Anderson is a trained woodworker living in Denver, CO.

After college, Kevin’s love of working with his hands led him to a job building custom playgrounds for the Colorado-based company Playtime. From multi-story pirate ships in South Korea to a 20-foot slice of pizza at the National Zoo, these were not your average playgrounds. During his five year tenure, he managed on-site construction operations in six countries and 48 different states. While he had some wonderful adventures working for Playtime, as time went on, his mind began drifting back home to the little wood shop in his garage and the saplings of ideas he had for his own projects. During endless hours spent in his tiny 8 X 12 foot garage, woodworking evolved from a hobby to a profession.

Today, Kevin works on commercial and private projects of all sizes. While he is proud of the level his woodworking has reached, he looks forward to each day spent learning, improving, and challenging himself on this adventure making dust.