Nakashima Console Table

Nakashima Console Table


This table was inspired by George Nakashima's conoid table and is a 360 degree live edge, cross-cut walnut slab top on a white oak base.  The walnut top is stabilized with 7 curly maple arikata (butterfly dovetails) on the face, and 6 more on the underside.  A white oak skirt with walnut-keyed miters ensures the top stays flat and secures the top to the base. The base incorporates a white oak bent-laminated stretcher to mirror the amorphous shape of the top.  The feet are hand cut and include carved details inspired by the arikata in the top. 

  • Perfect accent or feature table in a contemporary space

  • 32” t x 3’ l x 1.5’ w

  • Made in Boulder, CO

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About the Maker

Jake Molzen is originally from Buffalo, NY, but has lived in Denver for a few years now.  He works professionally building custom interiors for clients all over Colorado, designing and building his own furniture in his free time.  He takes great care to bring out the natural beauty in the wood and pride himself in building with traditional techniques ensuring every piece will last forever.  He builds studio furniture to the highest standard with a thoughtful mindset from design inception to delivery.