Meet the Maker: Tom Harvey of Earthwood Builders


Earthwood Builders provides highly detailed custom homes and renovations, historic restoration, custom cabinetry & millwork, and thoughtful interior design.

Q: At what point in your life did you decide to pursue a creative path?


Tom: It wasn't so much a decision as the way I'm made. I don't remember a specific choice to pursue it, but there were many choices about How to pursue a creative life.

Q: Do you have a favorite piece you've made?


Tom: Whatever I'm doing next!  I would say that I have more of a favorite vein of ideas than a favorite piece. My favorite pieces are the ones which fulfill that most closely. You get to a certain point in your career as a maker where it's not about the individual pieces anymore because there are too many, it's about the spirit and nature of the pieces overall.

Q: What was the last concert/show you attended?


Tom: My daughter’s piano recital.

Q: What do you love most about what you do?


Tom: I love the inherent beauty of the material, which I get to put on display. It is a great privilege and responsibility to get to show off the glory of God in creation.

Q: Do you recall the first piece you made? If so, how did it turn out?


Tom: The first "real" woodworking piece I made was a leather and mahogany armchair. I was in way over my head but didn't realize it until much later!  It turned out well enough to be excited to keep going, but it looks very immature to me now. I still own it and use it. 

Q: It's the weekend. What do you see yourself doing?


Tom: Working on our house, playing with my girls, going to church.

Q: Do you have a favorite coffee/tea spot?


Tom: Sweet Bloom roasts fantastic coffee. It doesn't help that my shop is right next door.  I also love Puehr Teas.