Meet the Maker: Kristen Abbott


Kristen Abbott is an intuitive, mixed media painter who draws from a wide range of artistic influences, spanning from painterly to abstract expressionist. Dynamic compositions and expressive brush strokes characterize her large-scale pieces. Her work is informed by a personal exploration of texture and the history that builds up through layering and carving back into paint over time. Kristen lives in Denver, CO but her work can be found in both residential and commercial collections across the country.

Q: What album/song are you currently listening to?


Kristen: Mumford and Sons--”Woman”, and Bon Iver are my go-to painting music right now.

Q: Where did you grow up?


Kristen: I grew up in Arkansas, but fell in love with Colorado when I lived in Summit County for the summer after my freshman year of college. Ever since then, I dreamed of moving to be closer to the mountains. I have now lived here with my family for 4.5 years.

Q: At what point in your life did you decide to pursue a creative path?


Kristen: I have loved to paint and create since my earliest memories but it wasn’t until after working at a contemporary art gallery right after college that I got a clearer vision of what it would look like to pursue art as a career path. I have been following that path for the better part of my 20’s and now as I prepare to enter my 30’s in a few months, I am excited to see what the next decade holds for me creatively!

Q: Do you recall the first piece you made?


Kristen: While I don’t remember my first piece, I do remember creating a very special impressionistic landscape oil painting in the studio of my art mentor when I was 12 and then entering it in the county fair. It ended up winning Grand Prize in my age division and it still hangs in my home to this day.

Q: Are you self taught?


Kristen: I do not have a formal art education but consider myself extremely fortunate to have had an amazing art mentor throughout adolescence that encouraged my interest in art and helped hone my intuitive skills.

Q: What are three words you would use to best describe your work?


Kristen: Textural, layered, intuitive

Q: It's the weekend. What do you see yourself doing?


Kristen: Enjoying some downtime with my family and our new kitten. There’s also getting coffee and a reading good book.

Q: What do you love most about what you do?

Kristen: The ability to translate life experiences into works of art and have other people connect to them in a visceral way.