Meet the Maker: Phyllis Ripple of EcoFiber Rugs


EcoFiber Custom Rugs is a custom floor-covering company that designs and manufactures handmade rugs from Nepal for the architectural and interior design communities in the United States and abroad. Every rug is knotted, trimmed, washed, and dried by hand. A master dyer and our weavers work together to create each rug.  Their efforts help reduce the number of noisy and smoky generators in the Kathmandu Valley.  

Q: At what point in your life did you decide to pursue a creative path?


Phyllis: Later in life, after my children were on their own.  I decided instead of collecting rugs, I’d start designing them.

Q: Did your creative path start as a hobby?


Phyllis: Definitely.  I collected designs and textiles, pottery and art, all in preparation for this time in my life. 

Q: What was the last concert/show you attended?


Phyllis: Wilco at the Mission Ballroom

Q: What do you love most about what you do?


Phyllis: I love the satisfaction I get from making a unique rug for clients with passion for the design process.

Q: What album/songs are you currently listening to?


Phyllis: I’m listening to a Denver band’s new album called Wander, by Shadows Tranquil.  It’s great music for designing.

Q: It's the weekend. What do you see yourself doing?


Phyllis: Trying out at least one new Indian recipe.  I’m teaching myself, and I dedicate my weekends to experimentation.

Q: If you're a reader, what was an awesome book you've recently read?


Phyllis: The Book of Ebenezer LePage, G.B. Edwards