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Meet the Maker: Kristina Thayer - Candelaria


Candelaria is lifestyle boutique specializing in plants and candles located in the heart of Denver's Santa Fe Arts District. Created by Kristina Thayer, Candelaria is the product of a love of fragrances and home decor. What began as a hobby, Kristina decided that if she was going to have a career, it might as well be doing something she loves.

Q: At what point in your life did you decide to pursue a creative path?


Kristina: I've always been in some varied creative form as long as I can remember. I'm not sure I can pinpoint a defining moment that lead to my pursuit of a creative career path. It's more of a craving. I enjoy working with my hands and creating something - whether it's curating a selection, pouring candles, painting or baking pies!

Q: Did your creative path start as a hobby?


Kristina: Everything is still hobby to me! I think of a hobby as something done for enjoyment during times of leisure and I kinda subscribe to the idea that life is comprised of things you do for enjoyment in the time that you have. You only have one life to live - why not spend it doing the things you love and that make you happy. 

Q: Where did you grow up? If outside of Colorado, how did you end up here?


Kristina: I'm from the tree lined roads and farm fields of upstate NY. And I love being from NY but I knew at a very young age there was a lot of world to explore and I wanted to spend my time enjoying it in many different places. I've lived in a number of places and states before committing my family to Colorado and I'm sure I won't spend the rest of my life here. But I'm equal parts farm\urban\mountain so Denver is a natural fit for me.

Q: What album/songs are you currently listening to?


Kristina: Spotify says my top artists are Stevie Nicks and David Bowie!

Q: Do you recall the first piece you made? If so, how did it turn out?


Kristina: Stardust was the first candle I made that I thought was good enough to sell. It took me around 6 months of trial and error to get it right. A perfect candle needs to burn properly, smell good and look good and that's a tough thing to accomplish. I happened to make a batch of candles one night and the next morning I went down to the basement to check on them. I thought "this smells really good!". And my phone vibrated. I looked down at it and it read that David Bowie had died. I knew that candle would be Stardust - the start of an exceptional journey. 

Q: It's the weekend. What do you see yourself doing?


Kristina: Working! I don't have the conventional weekend. My busiest days of the week are Saturday and Sunday. Monday and Tuesday are actually my weekend and I typically spend it really unplugging from work life and trading it for personal life with my husband, kid & dog. 

Q: Do you have a favorite place in the mountains you love to visit?


Kristina: I'm not a skier or snowboarder and I love that Colorado offers so many great mountain towns that are not ski towns. I love leaf peeping each fall and finding hidden aspen stands - so any spot where I can fill my lungs with the smell of aspen bark and bask in their magical golden glow is my favorite place to be. 

Q: Do you find solace in your creative outlet?


Kristina: When creativity is not done out of demand, it feels comforting. I don't always go to using creativity when times are tough, though. I can recall many times when I've felt down for a myriad of reasons and I have found myself craving to create. I'm never sure if I feel better after but I often create great things when I give into my cravings!