Meet a Guest House Shop Maker - Stitch & Shutter

At Guest House Shop, we have the fortune of collaborating and promoting so many amazing local creatives and makers. Without them, we couldn’t stage our beautiful homes as well as we do. They are the key to a successful showing and we are humbled and proud to be able to showcase so many.

One of these amazing makers is Denver based leather craftsperson, Stitch & Shutter. We recently met up with Megan Combs, owner of Stitch & Shutter, to photograph and chat about her business.

“I started creating leather goods in mid 2014 when I was asked to create a handmade leather baldric (because I'm the "crafty friend).” With a fine art background in photography and fabric design, I've always enjoyed dabbling in various mediums but found "home" while working with leather.”

Megan Combs of Stitch & Shutter. Image by Michael Ash Smith.

Megan Combs of Stitch & Shutter. Image by Michael Ash Smith.

“I decided I would be an "artist" when I was about 4 years old, however I didn't know it would look like this. I think I pictured being a painter in a little attic studio.”

“I truly love the timelessness and durability of leather. I particularly love things that force me to slow down, things that take a great amount of patience and attention to detail. Leather work offers this in many ways.”

“My goal with the products I offer is to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern, yet timeless, designs. I'm always stuck somewhere between modern and classic and I think that's just fine. S&S may be offer leather goods, but these aren't your traditional leather goods.”

Here at Guest House Shop, we look forward to seeing the amazing creations Stitch & Shutter produces. We are excited and eager for future collaborations with this wonderful maker.

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Alex Ryden