Meet a Guest House Shop Maker - Garrett Brown Designs

At Guest House Shop, we have the fortune of collaborating and promoting so many amazing local creatives and makers. Without them, we couldn’t stage our beautiful homes as well as we do. They are the key to a successful showing and we are humbled and proud to be able to showcase so many.

One of these amazing makers is Denver based furniture designers, Garrett Brown Designs. We recently met up with Garrett, owner of Garrett Brown Designs, to photograph and chat about his business.

“Garrett Brown Designs creates furniture, custom interior spaces, and art inspired by nature. Their team acts with authenticity, integrity, and passion.”

Garrett Brown of Garrett Brown Designs. Image by Michael Ash Smith.

Garrett Brown of Garrett Brown Designs. Image by Michael Ash Smith.

“We work the way we like our coffee, bold and with strong character. GBD provides contemporary designs your family will treasure for years. We value our collaboration with clients and other designers to create a masterpiece.”

“Ever since I was young, I always enjoyed building things with my hands. Whether it was a tree house, or arts and crafts at camp, I always had the desire to create. So I knew I was embarking on a creative path when I started my first business at age 17. My brother, Evan, and I started a landscape architecture company. We would design and build custom patios, walkways, retaining walls, etc. My brother to this day still runs the company.”

Here at Guest House Shop, we look forward to seeing the amazing creations Garrett’s team comes up with in the near future are eager for future collaborations with this wonderful maker.

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Alex Ryden