Fairmont Round Mirror

Fairmont Round Mirror


Big mirrors make the perfect timeless impact piece. The large steel-framed glass mirror by Kith & Kin features our signature forged Fairmont Hairpin.

  • Flat black steel and hand-cut glass

  • Dimensions: 32" Diameter

  • Made in Boulder, CO

  • Free shipping

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About the Maker: kith&kin is a family of makers based on Boulder, CO. It's been in our blood for generations. They grew up in homes built by their dads, under quilts made by their moms, with handmade toys, furniture, and clothes. When they needed something, they made it.  They design around the purpose for the piece, the materials at hand, and the craftsmanship they've been handed down, putting a modern spin on the time-honored techniques passed down to them.

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