Auteur Candle

Auteur Candle


An intriguing blend of the mystical Palo Santo wood, welcomed by hints of fresh green and spicy rose. An ode to the art of living outside the lines. Rich patchouli, warm amber, cedar and sandalwood join together in a blissful fusion of freedom and intimacy with nature.


Blackened glass and soy wax


Made in Los Angeles, CA

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About the Maker

Friends Brendon Garner and Ricky Chan started OURS two years ago on a whim. Both wanted to find a way help people live more enjoyable lives in a very complicated world. They took on the mantra "whats ours is yours", and started a series of bespoke vacation rentals, with the perks of a hotel, all offered at an attainable price.

Today OURS is about taking the experiences of friends, guests, and family, then transforming them into in a line of products for people and their homes. Each is about making you feel good, welcome, stoked, and inspired everyday.